What Does It Mean To Emerge?

What Does It Mean To Emerge?

To “Emerge” means to realize who you are.

The objective of class at Emerge Hot Yoga is to realize that nothing outside of you will bring you the joy compared to what is already in you.  To realize God means, to realize God is already in you.  This class is about experiencing this state of inner knowing of God, and how to project that unconditional love inside out to others everywhere you are.  In this place you don’t need to get anything outside of yourself to make you happy.  Once you realize the joy of who you truly are, you are in an endless fountain of joy that flows and pours within you towards everything you see around you.  Gratitude is the foundation of that realization.  Realizing who you are means God is within.

Emerge Hot Yoga, comes from Bikram Hot Yoga.  We follow the same poses and practice, and occasionally you will hear profound spiritual teachings throughout the class from Jay Larkins, that we have found to be helpful on our path to peace, joy and happiness.

The Bikram lineage of yoga you are taking in this class is connected to Paramanhansa yogananda and his teachings.  Paramanhansa yoganandas brother was Bishnughosh who was Bikrams only teacher.

Paramanhansa yogananda was a self-realized being, who realized God was inside of him.  We are talking about the God of unconditional love, not the God of religion in mainstream culture

When you choose to align w this essence within yourself, naturally your behaviors will shift.  You will no longer see projections, instead you will see through the illusions and veils.  Your eyes will see with eyes of love. This will allow you to navigate yourself and others into true spiritual understanding of unconditional love.

Lets give you an example of “Emerging” and start with our background.  Both, Myself (DeAnna E. Larkins), and my husband (Jay Larkins), have always been interested in healing, and yoga.  My husband has been a national competitor in Bikram Yoga for years as well as a teacher, and I have been hosting healing retreats for individuals, and teaching Doctors the experience of internal healing as well.  However my husband and I always had multiple creative ways of making an income, especially with having a large family!  5 plus children!  My husband has been doing yoga out of passion and love for years and been a full time Medical Marijuana grower.  Since we have been together, all the healings I do for others I never charged for.  Recently, we have been “Emerging”, we have been guided to shift this and to fully blossom like a lotus flower, doing what we love full time!

Let me explain,  we have allowed ourselves to Emerge from our past programming, and let go of loving our passion only for fun.  We sold our entire medical farm equipment and business to remodel our brand new yoga studio and spiritual studies school.  We have had to let go of all the mind chatter that attempts to get in the way when you make this kind of a move!  And we continue to trust the overflowing guidance as we continue to emerge into who we are and what we are here for!

Here is  the message we learned, If you love something enough, you may as well jump fully into your passion and your gifts, not just for fun, but also to be fully in active service.  Think about it….If you do what you love for fun, and all the other hours you are spending making money to pay bills, then how much of that time are you actually serving others and enjoying what you love!

So we are fully Emerging, jumping out of the cocoon, and rising into our passion and love for Yoga, and Spiritual Alchemy!  We have many goals of powerful teachings to share these next few years and we look forward to EMERGING with you!

We are going with the flow here and sensing an organic Grand Opening coming soon, sometime within May!  We will send another blog/newsletter with the exact dates times and info for our grand opening emerging experience!  We will have lovely hot yoga classes, beautiful kirtan music with our lovely friends, tea, and amazing discounts only on our grand opening day!  So stay tuned and we look forward to seeing you there.

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