EMERGE: A Practical Guide To Awaken Your Heart

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DeAnna was gifted and was aware of these intuitive gifts as a very young age, and have applied her years of helping others since she was a child into creating a platform and perspective of healing that enables one to go deep within to uncover emotional blockages and pains.

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This book has years of knowledge created as a guide to awaken the heart! A must read for anyone truly is seeking expansion of heart. This is a great read to create a small circle together to read a chapter each week or so, to impart community wisdom and for relationship building intentions. This is a life-changing book with a lot of DeAnna’s inspiring and intimate moments of growth in her life, along with many practical exercises to attain spiritual and emotional evolution. Once you read the information in this book, you will never view your life the same way. This book teaches one to truly see things as an evolutionary being, so that one may “emerge” through any suffering and find the inner solution. This thrilling book shares ways of viewing your life from the perspective of true spiritual advancement. If you so choose the path of least resistance, this is a must read! The tools in this book are remarkably helpful and crucial to examine the inner workings of the self, so that one may achieve a state of heart centered peace and true joy!

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DeAnna Elkin Larkins


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